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Gridrunner++ is a new 'retro' style shooter game programmed by the talented Jeff 'Yak' Minter of Llamasoft, world famous for his work on the Atari and Commodore computers and game consoles - among others. Gridrunner++ is an overhead shooter which is somewhat reminiscent of the classic game Centipede in play -- but with much better graphics and effects, cool weapons, and much faster action. The game uses a number of particle systems, loads of color cycling, and tons of interesting graphical effects to create a truly unique look and feel. Enemies come at you from all sides, shooting at you from all directions. Blasting an enemy leaves a pod which will explode into deadly lasers if not destroyed in time. There is also a zapper that zooms around the playfield with its own deadly beams (as seen in the 3rd screenshot below), while collecting 'Sheepies' will power-up your ship with a nice set of forward and rear lasers. Experienced players will find these 'Sheepies' will come in handy quite often, as falling back on these power-ups will restore you back to life should you die above one. These and other techniques provide quite a bit of gameplay depth to this great game. Originally designed for the PocketPC handheld computer, the finished version is now available for Windows PCs.

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